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WCHS values the human/animal bond, provides stewardship for homeless pets and promotes compassionate treatment of all companion animals. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

We Offer Microchips to the Public

We Offer Microchips to the Public

Microchipping can be the difference between reuniting with your lost pet and losing them forever. We can't count how many times a pet comes to us with no identification at all. Collars and tags are great, but when an animal is out and about, these items can fall off or get lost. Microchips are inserted under the skin and are an easy and permanent way to make sure your pet can be identified when found. We offer microchips to the public for $20 and every dog and cat adopted from us is microchipped before going home. 

We always check for a microchip when an animal comes to us, and we are so happy when it leads to a happy ending just like it did for Stimpy! 

Stimpy was adopted from WCHS in 2018. He got out and had been missing for several months. His family thought he was gone forever. Someone all the way across town who had been feeding him for a few months brought him in and we all recognized him by his ears (they were folded over from severe damage from ear mites when he was a stray), but it was confirmed by scanning his chip! We got in contact with his owners who were overjoyed, and after months of being away from their beloved pet, he was here for less than an hour waiting for his family to pick him up. 

Microchip your pets and keep that information up to date so your lost pets have a better chance of finding their way back home, and if your pet needs a microchip, come and see us!