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We have been approved to perform adoptions for our ready-to-go animals and provide Pet Food Bank assistance both by appointment only! Please review the information below on how we are operating to prevent exposure and spread of COVID-19. Some services are still limited or halted, but feel free to call if you have questions!

Interested in adoption? Read below to see how that will look!

>> First, apply for the animal of your choice through our website using the form here.  

>> Once staff receives your application we will give you a call (so make sure the number you provide on your application is a good one!) And do an over the phone counseling with you!

>> We will still need proof of address and Landlord approval (for renters) which you can email to us at!

>> Once we have all of those pieces in place and you are approved we will schedule a time with you to pick up your pet!

Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time.  Stay healthy!

WCHS values the human/animal bond, provides stewardship for homeless pets and promotes compassionate treatment of all companion animals. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

*Numbers do not include exotics.

What Does Kitten Season Mean for WCHS?

What Does Kitten Season Mean for WCHS?

You have probably heard the term "Kitten Season" but what does that mean? For WCHS, it means the majority of our surrenders and unclaimed strays in a year is consistently kittens! We receive kittens all year long, but most frequently in the spring and summer.

Although we love these furry little bundles, many of them come to us sick, orphaned, or in need of other specialized care, and sadly not all of them survive. How can we solve this problem? By making sure your pets are spayed and neutered and participating in TNR programs for feral cats in our community.

This problem can be solved if everyone in the community works together! 

WCHS offers both Spay and Neuter Assistance (SNAP) and a Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) Program. Visit our website to learn more!