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Re-Opening 9/22/2020

We love visitors, but we must limit our exposure to COVID-19 as we are a very small staff and cannot risk getting sick. Due to some large parties who are not following social distancing and sanitation protocols, we must make changes to our current procedures. 

1.     We still highly suggest that potential adopters submit an application prior to their arrival.

2.     ADOPTERS ONLY! If you are not seriously interested in adoption, please stay home!

3.     Until COVID-19 cases decline in our area, all parties must be limited to 2 people for walk-ins.

o   If your immediate household is larger than this, you can call ahead to schedule a time for us to accommodate your group.

4.     Groups larger than 5 people cannot be accommodated inside of our building, even with an appointment.

5.     No more than 3 parties will be allowed in the building at one time.

6.     DO NOT come to WCHS as a group with people outside of your household.

7.     Visitors must respect all posted signs about restricted animals and sanitizing procedures.

8.     Please practice social distancing and be mindful of the marked stations throughout the building.

9.     All visitors must sanitize their hands between each station and upon entering and exiting the building.

10.  The dog building will remain closed and locked. If you wish to meet a specific dog, you must submit an application prior to doing so.

11.  All people inside of the building during open hours will be required to wear a facial covering.

12.  Visitors will still be required to sign in and out at the office so that we are limiting the amount of people in the building.

13.  Adoption counselings will be performed outside if weather conditions permit to make space in the building for other visitors.

14.  Do NOT visit if you are sick, symptomatic, or have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

People who are violating these rules will be asked to leave and can be denied adoption or other services.


WCHS values the human/animal bond, provides stewardship for homeless pets and promotes compassionate treatment of all companion animals. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

*Numbers do not include exotics.

Don’t Panic - Your Pet is Not a Threat!

There is a surplus of misinformation in many parts of the world regarding animals and COVID-19. This is leading to many people bringing their animals to veterinarians to be euthanized and to shelters to be surrendered. Veterinarians as a whole are disputing these rumors left and right to try and keep people from abandoning their pets.

From the CDC: “In the United States, there is no evidence to suggest that any animals, including pets, livestock, or wildlife, might be a source of COVID-19 infection at this time. However, because all animals can carry germs that can make people sick, it’s always a good idea to practice healthy habits around pets and other animals.”

The virus, as many viruses do, lives on surfaces. The only way your pet would be contaminated is if they came into contact with an infected person and the virus was living on their fur. If your pet does meet someone that is infected, giving them a regular bath will be more than enough to wash away any contaminants they may have been in contact with. Dogs and cats cannot become sick with COVID-19, so there is no fear of catching it from or giving it to these pets.

In general, if you keep your pet at home and isolated from the public, your dogs and cats will not be able to transmit the virus to you.

If you are struggling financially and need food for your pets, WCHS is here to help. We have a Community Pet Food Bank to help you in this difficult time. We want everyone to be able to keep their families in tact throughout this pandemic, that includes your furry family members too!


Links/Sources Regarding COVID-19 and Animals