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Shelter Services

I Have Lost My Pet

Your pet is lost or missing? Now what?

  • Contact WCHS at 509-332-3422 to give us a description of the pet as well as location last seen and contact information. We’ll record this information into our Lost Records as well as compare this information to our Found Records.
  • Contact your local police department or sheriff's office to file a report with them. Sometimes law enforcement agencies will hold on to a pet before bringing it to the shelter.
  • Make flyers in eye-catching colors with a photo and description of your pet.
  • Post flyers in your neighborhood, local shelters, vet hospitals, local websites and grocery and feed stores.
  • Post on various Facebook groups. There are many Facebook groups that are dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners such as: “Lost and found pets of Moscow, Pullman, and surrounding areas”, “Finding bolivar’s lost buddies from whitman county and surrounding areas”, “Pullman Pets & Animals”. “Zeus’s friends, lost and found pet network” is another great group that serves the area closer to Lewiston/Clarkston.
  • Contact the microchip company (if your pet is microchipped) and your pet's veterinarian
  • Walk your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Pets can get disoriented and sometimes lose their way home.

*DO NOT WAIT A FEW DAYS TO SEE IF YOUR PET WILL COME HOME ON ITS OWN. Your pet could be injured or, if picked up by a good Samaritan, waiting for you at the shelter or a veterinary hospital.

  • Consider posting your lost pet on The Center for Lost Pets *Note that you must create a log-in to use this site.

*All lost-and-found pets from Latah County in Idaho should be reported to the Humane Society of the Palouse located in Moscow, Idaho. Call 208-883-1166.

If your pet is being held at WCHS

Give shelter staff a call with a description to confirm the pet is yours.

If you live in the city of Pullman (and WCHS has your DOG), you must go to the Police Station to show proof of compliance with city rabies and licensing requirements. Once proof is shown, you will obtain an “Authorization to Release Impounded Animal” form. Shelter staff can not release the dog without this release.

For impounded cats, a “Release of Impound” is not necessary, but shelter staff will require proof of ownership (photos/vet records.)

For all pets impounded at WCHS there is a $25 fee, in addition to an $8 boarding fee for each additional day we care for your animal in the shelter. Owners outside of the city of Pullman must show proof of a current, valid pet license from municipalities where it is required.

Stray pets are made available for adoption after 3 days if the pet has no identification (microchip or tags) and 6 days if the pet has some form of identification.  If you have not retrieved your pet from WCHS in that period, the animal will be evaluated for adoptability.

Purposeful compliance with animal control regulation is the best way to avoid this sometimes inconvenient process of reclaiming your pet.