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I Can't Keep My Pet

I Can't Keep My Pet

WCHS is a limited-admission shelter. Due to limited space, WCHS cannot take in every animal that needs to be relinquished.


If you feel you can no longer provide a home for your pet, please contact us and staff can go over potential solutions to help you keep your animal in your home, if that is an option.  You can also review our Community Resources page for programs that may be helpful to you. 

If you must relinquish your animal please fill out our questionnaire with as much detail as possible.  A staff member will contact you regarding space availability. 

If space is not available immediately, you will be added to our waitlist.  While on the waiting list, staff will provide assistance with rehoming your pet before it is brought to the shelter.  Staff will also create a “courtesy posting” to put on our board at the shelter. 

For assistance in rehoming your pet, ”Pullman Pets & Animals” is a Facebook group that has been successful with helping owners finding a new home for their pet. *There are rules and guidelines, so be sure to read them before posting!

When space is available, a staff member will contact you to set up an appointment to bring in your pet. The pet will be assessed for adoptability immediately prior to being relinquished.

*WCHS cannot accept severely aggressive animals and reserves the right to refuse an animal being surrendered. We do our best to help as many animals as possible but we must also consider the safety of our staff and other shelter residents.

Please note that it is a gross misdemeanor to abandon an animal in the state of Washington.  Do NOT abandon your animal at the shelter after hours.