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WCHS offers microchipping services to the public.  Microchipping is the most effective and secure way of permanently identifying a pet in the event your pet becomes lost. 

The cost to have your pet microchipped is $20 (including tax). 

What is a microchip?

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is encased in biocompatible glass (the same used in human pacemakers) to prevent it from being rejected by the animal’s body. The microchip is usually inserted into the loose skin on the back of the pet’s neck, between the shoulder blades, using a microchipping needle. Insertion is a quick and easy process that causes no more discomfort than a usual vaccination.

Each microchip carries a unique number that can be used to retrieve key information about the pet and its owner including the pet’s name, the owner's name and address, and a record of the pet’s vaccinations. The Whitman County Humane Society has used microchips to successfully reunite several lost pets with their owners.

How does it work?

When a scanner is passed over the microchip, low-frequency radio waves created by the scanner activate the microchip, allowing the unique number to be read and information to be obtained by shelter or veterinary staff.

What are the benefits?

Microchipping is an inexpensive investment and lasts for the life of your dog or cat. The technology to microchip has been around since 1989. Since then approximately 1.5 million dogs and cats have been microchipped.

While proper identification tags are your pet's first ticket home if he becomes lost, microchips provide an important extra level of protection in the event your pet becomes separated from its collar and tags. Providing your pet with both tags and a microchip can help ensure a happy reunion if your beloved pet gets lost.

Whose pets are microchipped?

Every animal adopted from WCHS leaves the shelter with a 24PetWatch microchip inserted under its skin between the shoulder blades. The cost of microchipping is included in our adoption fees.

If you would like to have your pet microchipped, call WCHS at 509-332-3422 or simply stop by the shelter during open hours. No appointment is necessary. WCHS recommends that puppies and kittens have their final vaccinations before being microchipped.