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Pooch Park


  • Why does the park cost money?

    Pooch Park at Pullman is a subsection of the Whitman County Humane Society, a non-profit organization. Memberships fund items such as park maintenance and some staff operations.

  • What to do in case of an emergency?

    911 is the primary option for a dangerous and/or life-threatening event.
    Additionally, we maintain an incident response form for other types of events.

  • Who operates the Pooch Park at Pullman?

    Management of the park is maintained by a subcommittee of the Whitman County Humane Society. Membership to this committee is non-exclusive. Please email for more details if you would like to participate as part of this .

  • What are the hours of operation?

    Dawn till dusk, at the discretion of WCHS. The park is closed each Tuesday morning from 8-11 AM for maintenance and shelter dog use.

  • What are the rules?

    In brief:
    Open dawn to dusk at WCHS’ discretion.
    Use at your own risk. WCHS is not responsible for ANYTHING that occurs at Pooch Park as a result of Pooch Park users and/or their dogs. YOU are liable for any damages and injuries caused by you and/or your dogs.
    No children under the age of 8 are permitted. You must supervise children who accompany you, and all children enter at their and your own risk.
    You must keep your dog on leash until you enter the tri-gate entrance.
    Dog must be off-leash prior to entering the small and/or large dog area.
    Dogs over 25 pounds must use the large dog area.
    Maximum 2 dogs per human in the park at any time.
    Remove spike and/or studded collars from dogs before entering.
    Use of training treats is at your own risk.
    No drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco in the fenced area.
    Dogs must be spayed or neutered before they are 9 months old.
    No female dogs in heat allowed.
    All dogs using the facility must be vaccinated according to WCHS standards. This is to protect your dogs as well as the homeless and stray dogs who arrive at WCHS.
    No puppies younger than 4 months allowed.
    You are responsible for picking up and disposing of your and your dog(s)’ waste.
    You must prevent your dog(s) from digging holes.
    You will not transfer your access to anyone else.
    Your use of the dog park is a privilege extended by WCHS. You may be required to leave if you violate any of the rules. Any incident resulting in damages will be referred to the Dog Park Committee and may result in exclusion from the park.
    The only permitted wheeled vehicles are ADA devices.
    The park may occasionally be closed for maintenance Tuesday through Thursday mornings beginning at 8 AM.

  • Is a day pass available?

    You may purchase a day pass to enter the park for $5.00. You can do so during the Whitman County Humane Society business hours. You will need to bring your rabies vaccination records and comply with all rules and regulations of the dog park (see below). Day passes can only be purchased at WCHS, and are not available online.

  • Download and complete this incident report file, and submit to

Other questions? Please email them to