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Post-Weaning - What Happens to Momma Cat? 

Post-Weaning - What Happens to Momma Cat? 

Post-Weaning - What Happens to Momma Cat? 

If the momma cat is left unspayed, and it is still within the breeding season (essentially all seasons except winter as fair game!) mom will go into an estrus cycle or “go into heat” as it is more commonly called. They are induced ovulators, meaning they will only produce eggs if they mate with a male cat. However, if they do not mate, the heat cycle will just keep repeating over and over every few weeks. This repeated surge of hormones can lead to inappropriate behaviors like spraying, biting, and irritability as well as health problems such as sex-organ related cancers. 

Pet overpopulation is a major problem in our area, especially in regards to cats. It is in your pets’ best interest to spay the mother cat as soon as she no longer has milk present. This usually takes about a week or two after weaning the kittens for momma cats to dry up completely. If you need assistance with spaying or neutering your cats and live in Whitman County, please contact us! You can also read more about our SNAP vouchers here.

For the mother cats at WCHS, we use warm compresses to help make the moms who still have mammary development feel more comfortable. We will apply a warm, wet washcloth to the mammaries and most mommas love it! They will purr and lay down while we hold it there for them. During this time, we let potential adopters meet the mommas and if they’re lucky, someone falls in love and puts them on a medical hold. 

Once the mom is all dried up, she goes in for her spay surgery! After a 48 hour hold, she is ready to go to her forever home and live life as a spoiled, retired momma cat.