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Bridgette's Beans - Week Eight

Bridgette's Beans - Week Eight

Week Eight - We Are Ready for Adoption!!!

Bridgette’s Beans are eight weeks old! At eight weeks old, they will look and act like tiny, energetic adult cats and should be fully weaned by this time. They only need fed twice daily and should be using the litter box consistently and correctly. We highly recommend you exposing them to grooming (brushing and nail trims) early on! Interactive play is a must at this age, they will be balls of energy and run all over the place chasing, pouncing, and stalking things left and right. They will have all of their baby teeth present, their eyes will have changed to the color they will be for the rest of their lives, and their ears are completely erect. 

Our babies are all well over the two-pound mark, have received their vaccines and other medical care and have been made ready for adoption! At eight weeks old, babies are still learning, so as they go off into their new homes, it will be important that their new families reinforce good, positive habits. Our adoption counselors will go over the best tips and tricks in your adoption counseling to give you all the information you need for a successful transition to their new home. If you are looking to adopt, please visit our website to learn about the adoption process!

Thank you for following along with Bridgette’s Beans and learning all about Kittenhood through our babies!