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Bridgette's Beans

Bridgette's Beans

Week Seven - Almost Ready for New Homes!

Cats at this age will look and act like energetic adult cats. They begin developing sleeping habits like adult cats. Although some people may insist on getting kittens at six weeks, this is not in the best interest of the babies. They will display hunting and stalking behaviors in their play and will become much better socialized during this time. For the best results, it is best for kittens to live with their siblings or another role-model cat to continue learning proper manners and prevent them from developing bad habits, such as play biting. This is why we strongly recommend kittens go home in pairs or to a family with existing cats. They are social and observational learners and learn a lot by watching their mom during this time. Kittens at this age may still be suckling and nursing. Momma cat will be weaning them, although some may not be as adamant about this process as others! Kittens who are orphaned or improperly weaned may continue to suckle on comfort items (blankets, arms, and more) for the rest of their lives. You should spend as much time as possible playing with and cuddling your kittens during this time to make sure they are friendly and are getting ready to find homes of their own in the next few weeks!