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Bridgette's Beans

Bridgette's Beans

Week Six - I Have Teeth and I Know How to Use Them!

Our kittens are six weeks old! Their baby teeth have started to come in, so mom has started the weaning process. Babies at this age will begin to regularly eat solid from this point now, but will still rely on mom’s milk as long as she will let them nurse. Since they have teeth now, mom may be more reluctant to let them wean. This does not mean her job is done! They have teeth and know how to use them, but they don’t realize that those teeth hurt. Their littermates and momma cat will teach them this very important lesson, which will help them be better socialized kittens and may save your hands a whole lot of pain. Kittens will sleep significantly less and play much more at this age than they ever did before. Their eyes will still be blue, but may have new colors mixed in as they begin to change to the color they will be for the rest of their lives. As long as they are healthy and well-nourished, kittens at this age will not rely on external heat sources and can regulate their own temperature.