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Bridgette's Beans

Bridgette's Beans

Week Five - A Whole New World to Explore!

Kittens at the five week mark will start to act more and more like tiny cats. At this age, their eyes will start to change from blue to the color they are going to be for the rest of their lives. Depth perception and hearing are also developing further and the babies will become more and more adventurous. They can run, play, and will even begin trying new foods! They still rely on their mother for the majority of their nutrition at this stage and rely on the milk they get from her to boost their immune system. Kittens will start to reach different milestones at different times from this point on. Some may be early learners and begin to eat all solid foods offered to them, while others may stick exclusively to their mother’s milk or a bottle. As their caregiver, providing options and encouraging them is very important, don’t give up on trying because one or two won’t take the plunge! Be patient and recognize that each kitten may need a little more time - they’ll try it when they’re ready! This goes for all things; litter boxes, toys, and new foods. While kittens at this stage may begin to be more independent, this is a crucial time for them to learn important developmental milestones. From weeks five to eight, kittens will learn a lot of social skills from their mother and their littermates. All of these interactions will help prevent “Single Kitten Syndrome” a condition where kittens who are either the only kitten in the litter, or who are separated from their family too early do not learn things like bite inhibition or appropriate play. This is why it is so important to keep kittens together until they are at least eight weeks old. 

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