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Bridgette's Beans - Part Three

Bridgette's Beans - Part Three

Bridgette's Beans are one week old!

At one week old, kittens' eyes may begin opening and ears may begin to unfold. Kittens at this age are still mostly blind and deaf. They will still have no teeth and will need to be fed often and monitored closely by momma cat, or their foster caregiver. They still need to be temperature controlled, fed by mom or with an appropriate Kitten Milk Replacer, and stimulated to go potty. These kittens are still very fragile and susceptible to the elements. At this stage, dehydration and chilling can often be fatal for the little ones. It is important to make sure they have access to a warmer if there is no momma cat present. If you find kittens (at any age) the very first thing is to make sure they are warm - do not try feeding cold kittens! - and get them to a rescue as soon as you have determined that mom is nowhere to be found. You will begin to see a lot of changes between week one and two as the kittens develop and become more aware of the world around them!