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Found Kittens 101

Found Kittens 101

Don’t be a “kit-napper”! Taking kittens from their mothers can have detrimental effects. Follow these steps to make sure that you are being the best advocate for any kittens you may find!

  • Do not assume all kittens are abandoned.
    • Most of the time, mom is nearby and is an active caregiver for her babies.
  • Do not remove kittens without mom!
    • If the kittens are alert, warm, dry, and reactive, mom is likely nearby!
    • Unless sick or injured, leaving the kittens for mom to raise is best.
    • Many kittens cannot survive once they are taken away from their mother.
    • Mom will just get pregnant again!
    • Wait at least 24 hours to see if mom returns before assuming the kittens are abandoned.
  • Always try to trap mom as well.
    • A momma cat will leave her babies to look for food, or if she thinks predators are nearby (that’s you!)
    • Attempt to catch the mother and TNR her at participating veterinarian clinics OR bring babies AND their mom to your local rescue.
  • If the mother does not come back, bring the babies in.
    • Bring the kittens inside and keep them warm and offer appropriate food.
    • Kittens cannot regulate their own body temperature and rely on their mother for warmth.
    • DO NOT give a kitten cow's milk, alternative nut milks, or adult cat milk supplements. Only KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) and pate wet food are appropriate to offer.
    • Kittens that are very young will not be able to digest solid food
  • Contact your local rescue group ASAP.
    • Kittens are fragile and take a lot of time, attention, and appropriate care. Even in trained hands, we can't save them all.
    • These people are trained in raising little ones and can give them a great chance at growing into healthy cats!
    • If you wait too long and they get weaker or sicker, it may be too late for the rescue to bring them back.
    • No-kill shelters may have a wait list due to being limited on space and foster availability, so reaching out ASAP so they can make a plan is always best!