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Become a Foster for WCHS

Become a Foster for WCHS

We know it is hard to care for a pet and give it back, but we promise, it is so important! Without fosters, we cannot take on the youngest and most vulnerable animals. The shelter is too stressful for sick animals and neonates to thrive and many of them get sicker if they have to stay here. The privacy and comfort of a home and personalized care with a foster parent can be lifesaving for animals in need. The busiest time of year for our fosters is the spring and summer when the shelter is flooded with kittens! We always need families who are willing to take on bottle babies, weaning kittens, and pregnant/nursing moms. We also have very few dog fosters and would love to build our foster list to better care for our animals. 

We give you all of the necessary supplies (although we cannot guarantee to give you the brands you prefer) and medical care for the animals you are fostering. No need to have prior experience with animals, you will be partnered with a staff member who will check in with you regularly and make sure you have all the tools and knowledge to be successful! This is a great opportunity for someone who wants a pet, but doesn't have the financial ability to care for one yet! 

You can apply to be a foster parent through the How to Help tab on our website: