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Tutus for Teeth is Back!

Tutus for Teeth is Back!

Did you miss out on a tutu because you were away for the long weekend? Good news! Tutus for Teeth is coming back, and its during Mom's Weekend, so your mom can buy one too!

Tutus are $8 each - various sizes and colors are available for you to create a customized tutu!

Don't have a pet but still want to participate? You can donate your tutu to a shelter pet of your choice and we will do a personalized photoshoot for you and send you the pictures!

Don't want a tutu but still want to help?
Donate online at designate that the funds are "For the Dental Fund"

As we all know, dental health is a major part of an animal's overall wellbeing and we as an organization want our animals to be in the best possible shape for adoption. However, the cost associated with these procedures (as many of them are around $500 each) have made it hard for us to get every pet the dental care they need without sacrificing funds for other more emergent medical procedures.

This is a major problem for shelters everywhere and we want to break the mold because our animals deserve the very best we can give them! With that said, we want to start a Dental Fund for the animals that come to us in serious need of dental care. These funds will be reserved for this purpose so that we do not have to sacrifice their dental health.