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As the residents of Malden and Pine City were impacted by the devastating fire, so too were the four-legged members of the community.  Whitman County Humane Society began receiving victims of the fires not long after the smoke cleared.  Three cats in particular were in need of substantial medical care but the team at WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital thought that these animals had a chance.  Our community rallied around this disaster and we raised the funds to provide the care these cats needed.  They still have a long road ahead of them but we are grateful that we were able to get the best care for them.  


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If your pet isn't microchipped, bring them in to get one today!

Looking to help out the Humane Society? Host a Pet Food Drive!

Meet our new Assistant Director of Shelter Operations - Shelby Vasquez

Many of you have probably heard numbers and rumors thrown around about spaying and neutering your cats and dogs. If you've been paying attention to the online debates, a seed of doubt may have been planted in your mind about this procedure.
So what do those rumors actually mean?
Dr. Philip A. Bushby, DVM, MS, DACVS has laid out all of the details about spaying and neutering; when to do it, why, and more in this article!

With no end in sight this Kitten Season, we need your help!

Please welcome our new Foster Program Director - Annie Lindsey!

We need your help! Submit a story for a chance to win prizes and a grant for WCHS!

You may be wondering what happens to momma cat after the babies are weaned... here's your answer!

You have followed them for their entire lives, and now they are ready for adoption!

Week Seven - Almost Ready for New Homes!

We have been feeling the stress of this kitten season - the growth between last year and this year has been astronomical! Check it out!

Week Six - I Have Teeth and I Know How to Use Them!

We have put together a Rat Adoption Bundle using our surplus supplies - come take advantage of this deal!