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Pets Are People Too Photos

Photos from Pets Are People Too are now available!  Thank you for your patience.  We apologize for the delay as we ran into some technical difficulties getting them all loaded.  They may not have ended up in order and Imgur doesn't allow us to change this, unfortunately.  In order to download your image from the album, click on the down arrow when hovering over your image and select download.  We will work on a better image hosting site for next year.  

Your images can be found by clicking HERE.  


Shopko Photos

A big thank you to our photographer Alex from Six-Legged Photography for taking such great photos at Shopko!

Once you reach Alex's site, you can find the images for your pet that you want to download.  Click on the images and select download image.  There is a watermark in the view window but once downloaded that will disappear.  If you run into any issues with downloads, you can email Alex at  

You can check out more of Alex's work on Facebook and Instragram.  Full links are below.