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This has been a difficult year and for many riders the act of social distancing by going out for a jaunt around the neighborhood, the region, or even the nation has been a way to maintain a sense of normalcy in their life.  Unfortunately, the homeless pets of Whitman County, they can’t just hop on their bike and head out for a temporary escape.  They need YOUR help!

In years past, Cruzin for Critters has been a fun outing, with the day spent running around the roller-coaster roads through the hills of the Palouse.  This year, due to restrictions and safety precautions, we can’t have a pre-ride gathering at Zeppoz as we normally do, nor can we have an after ride meet-up and distribution of prizes…but…we can still ride, AND we can still support WCHS!  We just have to change things around a bit.

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing the work “virtual”, but it has become a way of life for many.  Virtual meetings, virtual parties, virtual reunions, but a virtual motorcycle ride?  Well, sort of.

This year, Cruzin for Critters has become something different.  We still head out on the Palouse on our ride, and there are still stops to hit.  But this year there is no set route, and there are no cards to draw.  In fact, the only thing you have to do is take a few pictures and share them - think of it as a “Scavenger Hunt”!

In addition, we are opening this year's event up to anything with wheels!  We want it to be a fun community event that encourages people to get out and explore Whitman County.  So no matter what set of wheels you prefer, (motorcycle, automobile, unicycle, roller skates etc....) you are welcome to join!  

Click the Register button below to sign up, fill out the form, and then follow the directions you receive in the email we will send you.  It’s that simple.

Cruzin for Critters CE 2020 is on!  We look forward to seeing you on the road!

John-Mark Mahnkey and Wendy Ortman


More info about Cruzin' for Critters: email or contact John-Mark at 208-301-0487. 

More info about WCHS: email or visit