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Membership Matters

Dues-paying members are the backbone of our organization.  Your help makes it possible for us to provide compassionate care for homeless pets in our community.  Become a WCHS member today!

Why Become a Member?

  1. The animals need your support. Membership dues contribute to routine, ongoing costs to care for the animals.
  2. There's strength in numbers. The size of our membership demonstrates our importance in the community. This is vital in grant applications to enhance the fulfillment of our mission goals and in building relationships with other city and county entities.
  3. Our members are our best source of volunteers. Increasing our membership with active and caring individuals naturally increases our volunteer ranks. This allows us to provide more services to the general public at an affordable cost.
  4. Our members get special treatment. We love our members! Member privileges include:  
  • Access to Tip of the Tail, our quarterly newsletter, to keep you updated on news and events
  • Voting rights in elections for the Whitman County Humane Society Board of Directors
  • The opportunity to become a member of the Board of Directors
  • Boasting rights for all the good you're doing for homeless animals in Whitman County

Has your WCHS membership lapsed? Please renew!

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