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How to Adopt

Adoption Process

Our goal is to match adopters with an animal companion who fits their lifestyle.  Our adoption process is structured to ensure that you and your selected pet are a good match!  All animals have been evaluated for adoptability. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process and help you transition your pet to his or her new home. Staff may direct you towards an animal that is a better fit for your household, be open to meeting the animals they may suggest for you!

  1. Browse our adoptable pets online or in-person at the shelter.  Read each animals description to see if they are compatible with other animals and/or children.  
  2. Have your eye on a specific animal? Download and complete the questionnaire for the type of animal in which you are interested.  Submit the completed questionnaire below or bring it with you to the shelter during open hours. (See Below)
  3. Review your questionnaire with an adoption counselor at the shelter.  Questionnaires are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis.  
  4. Our adoption counselors will speak with you about your selected pet(s) and help you to identify your best match.
  5. Visit with your match(es) and get to know each other.
  6. Complete the adoption paperwork.

Only individuals or families qualify to adopt; we do not adopt animals to a group such as a sorority or fraternity. We do not allow animals to be adopted as a gift.

For the quickest service if you are planning to adopt a dog, bring your whole family, including resident dogs, as we require meet and greets with the entire household. This is not required for cat or small animal adoptions. 

Some of our adoptable animals will require special care, or have particular quirks that we will need to discuss with potential adopters.  Effective communication and complete understanding of an animals needs is necessary to ensure that the match is a good fit.  Language barriers can be problematic in the adoption process if both sides are not getting all the information needed to make a good adoption decision.  If we encounter a language barrier during the adoption process, we may ask you to bring a translator/interpreter to facilitate communication between the adoption counselor and the adopter.  

If you rent, bring a copy of your lease. Shelter staff maintain a list of pet friendly renters, and will require a copy of your lease or verbal landlord approval from the property owner/manager if your rental is not on the pre-approved list. If you own your home, or rent and have written permission from your landlord, you are eligible to adopt a pet from the Whitman County Humane Society.

*In the best interests of the animals, the shelter staff reserves the right to refuse adoptions.

Questionnaire Forms

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*Our system only accepts word or pdf documents.  Please do not attach other file types, such as PAGES as we cannot view them.

Adoption Fees

Your adoption fee helps WCHS pay for the care of your new companion from the time s/he enters our facility until s/he joins your home. Your pet comes to you having received the following: spay or neutering*, a veterinary exam, testing for internal parasites, all appropriate vaccinations, worming, and a microchip. These services at a local clinic would cost about $200. Additionally, cats and kittens are tested for heartworm, feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

*Exotics will be altered based on recommendation by exotic veterinarians. If a pet is not altered, that will be discussed and disclosed in full prior to adoption. 

Can't adopt right away?  Review our limited 1 and 2 day hold options in our Frequent Questions.  We do have extended hours on Friday and Saturday between 5-6 pm available by appointment only for those that cannot come in during normal business hours.  

Pet Type Fee Total Cost
Cat (8+ months) $83.48 + Tax $90
Senior Cat (10+ years) $46.38 + Tax $50
Kitten (5-7 months) $ 111.31 + Tax $120
Kitten (2-4 months) $157.70 + Tax $170
"Shelter ambassador" (highly desirable) cats $185.52+ Tax $200
Dog (8+ months) $162.33 + Tax $175
Senior Dog (Small 10+y, M/L 8+y, XL 5+y) $74.21 + Tax $80
Puppy (5-7 months) $213.35 + Tax $230
Puppy (2-4 months) $269.01 + Tax $290
"Shelter ambassador" (highly desirable) dogs $278.29 + Tax $300
Rabbit $55.56 + Tax $60
Guinea pig $27.83 + Tax $30
Rat $11.13 + Tax $12
Ferret/Hedgehog $102.04 + Tax $110
Exotic Birds $55.56 + Tax $60
Barnyard Fowel $13.91 + Tax $15

*Fees for other species vary depending on breed, age, and other factors. Occasionally a particular pet's adoption fee may be higher. In addition, the adoption fee for Hope Fund animals is $200 total for dogs, $180 for cats ($185.53 and $166.97 before tax, respectively) to assist in replenishing that fund for the next injured homeless pet. Please consult the Director of Shelter Operations for more details.