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Our Team


Animal Haven Shelter Staff

Ashley Westenhaver

Director of Shelter Operations

I spent my time growing up going back and forth between my dad’s house in the tiny town of PeEll, WA and my mom’s in Rochester, WA, but I graduated from Centralia High School! I graduated in May with a BA in Spanish and a minor in Human Development - I hope to be a Spanish Teacher in the future! I have a passion for rescue, but doing it personally is a lot to tackle. WCHS provided me with the wonderful opportunity to work with an amazing group of lifesavers in a professional setting and I couldn’t be happier! A fun fact about me is that my husband and I are the proud parents of TEN critters! Seven guinea pigs, two cats (Felix and Zuko), and a puppy named Pippin! My friends often call me the “Guinea Pig Guru”. 

Katelyn Snyder

Animal Care Attendant and Adoption Counselor

I grew up in Chino, California, a small dairy town in Southern California an hour southeast of Los Angeles. I got my Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in Fall 2017. I work at WCHS because I have a huge passion for animals and have always had pets in my life. Almost all of my animals have been rescues, either from humane societies or from finding strays off the street near my home that no one claimed. I want to unite as many animals and families as I can because I know the amazing impact and change that both the animal and human have with one another. A fun fact about me is that my all-time favorite animals are pigs, especially Mangalica pigs that are commonly known as “sheep pigs” due to them having wool-like hair. My husband and I one day hope to have our own small pig farm!

Shelby Vasquez

Animal Care Attendant and Adoption Counselor

I am from Olympia, WA but my husband and I consider Pullman to be home! I am majoring in Wildlife Ecology. I enjoy working at WCHS because I have always wanted to work with and help animals. Being there for future owners and providing lifelong support for those who do adopt are some of the fundamental parts of the rescue that I love! A fun fact is that I love exotics, especially bunnies and hamsters!

Aspen Durand

Animal Care Attendant and Adoption Counselor


"I am from Renton, WA and came to Pullman to study Zoology but ended up graduating in December 2018 with a major in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences. I am excited to work at WCHS because I have a huge passion for animals and animal welfare. My life dream is to work on bettering animal welfare standards within research departments and zoos. So, working at a humane society helping domestic animals is right along that line and I couldn’t be happier doing it! A fun fact about me is that grizzly bears are my absolute passion if I could eventually have a grizzly bear sanctuary or rehabilitation center I would be completely fulfilled. I used to volunteer with the WSU Grizzly Bear Research Center as much as possible before I graduated and fell in love with them."