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Our Team

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Kym Darling (2021)


  • Jan Luft (2019)

    Vice President

  • Kelly Sebold (2020)


  • Lauren Port (2021)


  • Kylene Daschofsky (2020)
  • Blythe Duell (2021)
  • John-Mark Mahnkey (2021)
  • Cassandra Olds (2021)
  • Wendy Ortman (2021)

Board meetings normally take place on the third Monday of each month at 6:15 pm at the WSU Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility (ADBF), Room 2018. All meetings are open to the public.


Committees are to be established by the Board of Directors as needed.  Committees are established when issues become too complex or numerous to be handled by the entire board.  For ongoing, major activities, standing committees are established; for short-term activities, ad hoc committees are established and cease when the activities are completed.

  • Committees recommend policy for approval by the entire board.
  • Committees make full use of board members’ expertise, time, and commitment, and ensure diversity of opinions on the board.
  • Committees meet as often as necessary – this could be monthly, bimonthly, trimonthly, or as needed.
  • Minutes are recorded for all board meetings and all standing committee meetings and distributed to the full board.

Current Committees

AnimalHaven Committee - oversees the building, design, and operation of AnimalHaven, the WCHS animal shelter and adoption facility.
Fundraising and Communications Committee - raises funds for and promotes the mission of WCHS. 
Finance Committee - establishes and oversees the operational budget and complete financial records to be in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. 
Pooch Park Committee - oversees operations of the off-leash dog park, Pooch Park.  

Interested in putting your expertise to work for WCHS? Our committees can always use more members! You do not have to be on the Board of Directors to join a committee. Please contact the Board of Directors at if you wish to join a committee.