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Frequent Questions

Can I put an animal I want to adopt on hold?

WCHS has a First Come, First Served policy. Research shows that lengthening an animal’s stay in shelter puts them at a higher risk for catching diseases/illnesses, therefore, we at WCHS have put this policy in place to shorten the animals’ shelter stays as much as possible. Animals who are not medically ready to go (i.e. waiting for a vet check or need to be spayed/neutered) can be placed on a medical hold at no cost to the adopter. WCHS does understand that some people may need some time to prepare their home for their new pet, or that they may need a day to get all the pieces of the application in order. We offer one and two day holds in cases where the adopter is missing only one piece of their application. Each day requires a non-refundable deposit of $15. Staff are happy to discuss hold policies further once you have started the adoption process.