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Frequent Questions

Can I be notified when puppies/kittens/certain breeds become available for adoption?

Due to the high volume of these requests and our First Come, First Served adoption policy, we do not keep a list of this nature. In practice, these lists have not worked well in a smaller shelter like ours as most people find the animal they are looking for before we have them at the shelter. We encourage people looking to adopt to check our website daily. All animals who are available for adoption will be posted as such on our website as soon as they are available. We have kittens all throughout the summer during “Kitten Season”. We also encourage people to be open minded to animals of all types. The “less desirable” animals are all in need of loving homes as well and can make amazing pets too! is also a good resource for people looking for specific breeds/ages as you can set alerts looking for animals near you that match your specifications.