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Assistant Director of Shelter Operations

Assistant  Director of Shelter Operations

Oversee the daily operations of WCHS Animal Haven - a no-kill shelter. Under the supervision of the Director of Shelter Operations (DSO) and the Board of Directors, this position manages daily tasks and is meant to assist the DSO in administrative duties. This position oversees all shelter staff and volunteers to ensure that all daily animal care tasks are completed and customers are given the best possible experience. This position will take on the majority of the day-to-day animal care tasks and ensure that all animals receive the same quality of care each shift. 

Animal Care

●    Help facilitate vet day when there are no special needs cases - be able to take over if/when DSO is unable to attend. 
●    Assist in creating the vet day list - notify the DSO when animals need to see the vet 
●    Pull animals from the waitlist when the shelter is able to house them. - Procure all vet documents when applicable. 
●    Contact fosters to make sure they have all the supplies they need for the animals in their care. 
●    Run SNAP tests
●    Evaluate and make decisions about new animal intakes. 
●    Oversee all daily animal care and ensure that the 5 freedoms are met for all shelter animals. 
●    Report behavioral and health concerns to the DSO - work together to make plans to improve the 
life of shelter animals.
●    Consult daily and weekly rounds sheets to make changes to diets and medications as needed.  
●    Keep the Food and Medication Boards up to date. 
●    Evaluate the behavioral needs of shelter animals.
●    Take dogs on walks to evaluate their leash etiquette. Update the dog walking board accordingly. 
●    Work with dogs to assess their trainability, willingness to learn, and any other behavioral quirks (if applicable). 
●    Recommend transfers when needed. 
●    Arrange transportation with volunteers to take animals to routine vet visits (ie Kittens to AVC). 
●    Arrange and monitor routine operations (ie. spay/neuters, dentals.)
●    Oversee the Enrichment Program and add to it regularly. 


●    Ensure all websites are up to date with engaging and accurate descriptions of shelter animals. 
●    Send Pets for Adoption Classified Ads to newspapers weekly.
●    Conflict resolution in regards to staffing, customer service, and animal care. 
●    Monitoring customer satisfaction and making changes as needed.
●    Implementation of operational and administrative decisions made by the Board and DSO. - Attend board meetings. 
●    Maintain records of daily activities - Weekly reports.
●    Prioritize and coordinate projects, activities, assignments, and volunteer events.
●    Performs/Oversees those making minor repairs to the facility.
●    Determines procurement needs regarding food, inventory, supplies, and equipment.
●    Input medical records into PetPoint. 
●    Evaluate the effectiveness of policy and procedures - Suggest/make changes when needed. 
●    Ensure all animals receive the same standard of care at all times. 
●    Ensure the shelter stays within its capacity of care limits
●    Print Volunteer Schedules as needed

●    Oversees day-to-day staff activities and make work assignments.
●    Ensure staff are completing their Rounds and Inventory assignments - daily and weekly
●    Communicate with staff regularly - contribute to planning staff meetings and assist in writing weekly emails.
●    Oversee the training of staff and adhere to the Staff Training Manual. 
●    Ensure all staff 
are completing their daily duties as outlined. - make corrections and suggestions when appropriate. 


●    Assisting the DSO in managing and creating Social Media Campaigns. 
●    Attending Fundraising events when appropriate. 

Community Outreach:

●    Actively share our mission with the community.
●    Helping create and maintain an active social media presence that highlights adoptable pets often and regularly. 
●    Arrangegrooming for shelter animals with local groomers (ie. Zelda’s) as needed.
●    Attend Community events when appropriate to build a relationship between the shelter and the community.