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Problem at the park? Please fill out an incident report and e-mail it to poochpark@whitmanpets.org.

*Please note this Google telephone number and e-mail address are monitored only occasionally. In case of emergency, please call 911. To reach non-emergency police dispatch, please call 509-332-2521.

You can also apply or renew by filling out BOTH the application and waiver and mailing them to PO Box 453, Pullman, WA 99163 with payment by check. Applications and waivers are also accepted at the WCHS AnimalHaven shelter 1-5:30 PM Monday-Saturday. Applications processed in person (in contrast to online or by mail) will be assessed a $5 convenience charge. Staff are unable to process applications at other days/times not listed here.

The $5 convenience fee will also be assessed if/when you forget your card during open hours and request to be let into the park. Please do NOT forget your access card! The $5 fee offsets the fact our staff are assisting park customers instead of shelter customers and homeless animals and supports our general operations (e.g., lights, heat and air conditioning, staff pay, building maintenance, etc.). Because our shelter staff CANNOT reactivate access cards for existing members, we STRONGLY recommend that you renew ONLINE for the fastest possible service (and to save money). Since processing is done by WCHS volunteers, we recommend that you renew at least one week before your membership expires OR one week before you wish to use the park.

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• Annual: $65 (1 card will be mailed to your home within 2-7 days)
• Annual: $70 (effective 2/1/17: 1 card may be picked up at the AnimalHaven shelter 1-6 pm open days)
• Trimester: $30 (1 card will be mailed to your home within 2-7 days)
• Trimester: $35 (effective 2/1/17: 1 card may be picked up at the AnimalHaven shelter 1-6 pm open days)
• Effective 2/17/17: For an additional $10, you may add ONE additional access card to your annual or trimester application. Limit 2 cards per application, please.
• Daily (only available in person 1-5:30 PM): $5
• Replacement access cards cost $10.

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Are you a current member who needs/wants a SECOND card for your application? Click on the "Pay Now" button below. Please note that applications are limited to a total of TWO card users.

Replacement card delivery options
SECOND Access Card (NOT a replacement)

Since the off-leash area receives NO taxpayer funding, access is on a paid, keycard membership basis. Membership fees cover the costs of upkeep and improvements. A rolling, annual, 12-month membership is $65. 4-month, $30 memberships are available for the fixed periods of May 1 - August 31, September 1 – December 31, and January 1 – April 30. Daily passes for out-of-towners and or those interested in trying out the park are just $5 but can only be purchased at the shelter during open days/hours. For purchases in person, you MUST bring a copy of your dog's rabies vaccination paperwork.

Pullman's Off-Leash Dog Park

Pullman's Off-Leash Dog Park

Donate to build Pullman's first dog park

Frequently asked questions

What are the hours of operation?
Dawn till dusk, at the discretion of WCHS. The park is closed each Tuesday morning from 8-11 AM for maintenance and shelter dog use.

What are the rules?
In brief:
Open dawn to dusk at WCHS’ discretion.
Use at your own risk. WCHS is not responsible for ANYTHING that occurs at Pooch Park as a result of Pooch Park users and/or their dogs. YOU are liable for any damages and injuries caused by you and/or your dogs.
No children under the age of 8 are permitted. You must supervise children who accompany you, and all children enter at their and your own risk.
You must keep your dog on leash until you enter the tri-gate entrance.
Dog must be off-leash prior to entering the small and/or large dog area.
Dogs over 25 pounds must use the large dog area.
Maximum 2 dogs per human in the park at any time.
Remove spike and/or studded collars from dogs before entering.
Use of training treats is at your own risk.
No drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco in the fenced area.
Dogs must be spayed or neutered before they are 14 months old.
No female dogs in heat allowed.
All dogs using the facility must be vaccinated according to WCHS standards. This is to protect your dogs as well as the homeless and stray dogs who arrive at WCHS.
No puppies younger than 4 months allowed.
You are responsible for picking up and disposing of your and your dog(s)’ waste.
You must prevent your dog(s) from digging holes.
You will not transfer your access to anyone else.
Your use of the dog park is a privilege extended by WCHS. You may be required to leave if you violate any of the rules. Any incident resulting in damages will be referred to the Dog Park Committee and may result in exclusion from the park.
The only permitted wheeled vehicles are ADA devices.
The park may occasionally be closed for maintenance Tuesday through Thursday mornings beginning at 8 AM.

Adopt-A-Yard is something everyone can participate in. You can help build a home away from home where dogs can run free AND learn to socialize with other dogs and their owners. All donations will be recognized. For every $10, you make an additional square yard of the first dog park in Pullman possible!

To Adopt-A-Yard online and pay by Paypal, please select from the drop-down menu below and click "Add to Cart." Your "donation cart" will open in a NEW window. Please do NOT close the new window; you must use it to "check out."

I'd like to adopt
Adopt a Yard of Pullman's Dog Park!

Questions? Contact the Pooch Park committee by phone at (509) 416-6181 or by e-mailing .

To donate online using Paypal (credit card or direct bank transfer), click on the Donate button below. Please note that funds to build the dog park are completely separate from building the AnimalHaven pet shelter.

Donate to build Pullman's first dog park

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