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Closed Sundays and Thursdays until September

Due to staffing changes,
WCHS will be CLOSED Sundays and THURSDAYS effective July 5th, 2017.

We appreciate your
understanding and cooperation during this time.

If you have any
questions or concerns, feel free to direct them to the Director of Shelter
Operations, Leslie Krieger, at admin@whitmanpets.org.

Posted: 7/5/2017

WCHS Hiring Full-Time ACA/AC

WCHS hiring FULL TIME Animal Care Attendant/Adoption Counselor


Open until filled


Whitman County Humane Society, a no-kill and non-profit facility located in

Pullman, WA, is seeking an experienced full-time (37-40 hours weekly) animal

care attendant to help care for over 500 animals annually.

Animal Care
Attendant/Adoption Counselor


Date of

last modification: March 28th, 2017



To work in concert with

the Shelter Director and WCHS Board of Directors in order to fulfill the

mission of the organization and provide for the welfare and care of animals in

our charge.

To assist with the

management of the daily operations of the WCHS animal shelter/animal adoption

facility, to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently in accordance with

established procedures, policies, city ordinances, state & federal laws

& regulations. Must ensure facility is maintained in a sanitary and safe

fashion to protect the health of the animals, staff, and visitors. Must also

have a clean driving record as employee may be responsible for driving the

shelter vehicle.

To ensure biosecurity

and containment is maintained in the animal shelter facility to protect the

health of both animals and people. This would include following proper

quarantine and isolation procedures for animals suspected of having contagious,

infectious and/or zoonotic diseases, providing proper disinfectants, cleaning

utensils, and personnel protective equipment to prevent spread and further

infections, seeking advice and guidance from veterinary and public health

officials when animals are suspected of having diseases which may be a public

health concern. Assist veterinarian and/or veterinary students with exams,

vaccinations, collecting stool samples, and blood collection. Perform FeLV/FIV


Supervise volunteers on

a daily basis. This includes training, overseeing, answering questions, and

continuing education. Candidate must be willing and able to work outside of

normal shift hours to provide back-up care for animals if required.

To ensure animals in our

charge are cared for daily to include proper feeding, watering, shelter and

monitoring for signs of disease, injuries and abnormal behavior and to maintain

all animals in a clean comfortable living environment. To provide for all

animalís physical and emotional needs.

To provide proper

socialization and training of WCHS animals to increase their adoptability.

Training and socializing practices are to be in accordance with accepted humane

handling techniques and advice from WCHS-approved animal behavior specialists.

To survey all animals on

a regular basis for signs of stress, illness, injury, aggressive tendencies

(either towards humans or other animals) and abnormal behaviors. Must work

cooperatively and professionally with WCHS-approved veterinary staff and City

of Pullman animal control/law enforcement personnel to ensure animals are

provided proper medical and handling care. Must report any significant

physical, behavioral or emotional issues regarding shelter animals to the

Shelter Director or Assistant Director.

To promote and

facilitate adoption of all WCHS animals. This includes providing excellent

customer service to all visitors and those contacting the shelter, providing

accurate information about adoptable animals, insuring web-based list (Petango,

PetFinder and Facebook) of adoptable animals is kept up-to-date, reviewing all

adoption agreements and animal records for accuracy and completeness prior to

release of animal, reviewing adoption policy on a regular basis so it keeps to

the mission, goals and practices of the WCHS. Also includes working with

recognized, professional breed rescue groups and other humane organizations on

possible transfer of certain animals in order to increase chances of placement

with responsible qualified owners.

May need to assist with

making appointments, providing safe transportation to and from surgical

facility, providing post-surgical monitoring and minor first aid to sterilized

animals. Report any post-surgery complications to Shelter Director in an

expedient manner. All major, serious wounds and/or clinical signs of disease

hands-on evaluation by a licensed veterinarian and/or certified/licensed

veterinary technician and need to be reported to the Shelter Director. All

veterinary exams, diagnosis, and treatments are to be documented in the

animalís medical record.

To ensure proper

maintenance of shelter facility to keep it a safe and clean environment for

animals, staff, volunteers, and visitors. This includes facilitating regular

maintenance of HVAC, fire protection, water/plumbing, telecommunications and

physical plant systems for the building & grounds. Also includes ensuring

all equipment used in the operations of the shelter facility is maintained in

proper, safe working order. May be required to perform minor repairs of

facility and equipment.

To maintain accurate and

complete records for WCHS animals, staff, volunteers, foster and training

programs, adoptions, training and education programs, safety policies, and

facility maintenance as required by WCHS policies, directives by the Board of

Directors, City contracts/ordinances and state and federal laws. Must be able

to word process and use common PC software programs. Must have the skill and

ability to learn how to use the current shelter software (PetPoint.) Must be

able to utilize the internet and electronic mail to communicate and gain

information pertaining to WCHS and shelter business. Must be able to use

telephone, copy/fax machine, as well as other common office equipment.

To assist visitors with

our community outreach programs (SNAP coupons & Pet Food Bank) with great

customer service. Assist current, past, and/or potential Pooch Park patrons.

This is including but not limited to duties such as answering questions,

assisting with applications, providing incident reports, gate assistance,

assuring all applications are following the rules and regulations of the park,

and reporting any issues to the Pooch Park committee.

To communicate

effectively with the public, board of directors, WCHS administrative staff,

government officials, veterinary, animal care and behavioral professionals,

media, college students and faculty, members and donors etc. To work

cooperatively with WCHS Administrative Manager on training and education

programs, foster program, and volunteer pr

Minimum qualifications



  • Previous shelter or animal care



  • Positive attitude, with

    excellent customer service skills.


  • Willingness to be a team player

    and collaborate with shelter staff, medical staff, vet students,

    volunteers, Pooch Park patrons, and visitors.


  • Flexible schedule to include

    weekends and holidays.


  • Problem-solving skills and

    ability to work well with minimal supervision.


  • A self-starter and the ability

    to work independently with little or no direct supervision.


  • A strong work ethic and be able

    to multi-task effectively.


  • Dedication and compassion for

    the well-being of animals.


  • Exceptional interpersonal

    skills, both written and verbal.


  • Must be able to work with

    various personalities and maintain tact and professionalism at all times.


  • Must be able to work

    effectively in a fast paced, emotionally charged environment.





  • Working knowledge of vaccine

    protocols, proper animal handling skills, common disease symptoms, and

    knowledge of animal behavior and training.


  • Experience with giving

    vaccinations, and implanting microchips.


  • Knowledge and experience with

    general canine and breed specific behaviors, as well as training dogs out

    of unwanted behaviors.


  • State or university work-study



  • Experience with PetPoint



Submit a resume, 3

and a cover letter to: admin@whitmanpets.org or deliver them in person to 1340

Old Moscow Road, Pullman, WA 99163.

 $11 per hour, insurance-eligible after
probationary period.

Posted: 7/5/2017

Candidates for the Board of Directors, 2017-2020

When: Vote by 7/15

Meet our candidates for the board of
directors!  Voting occurs by negative election, meaning a 2/3 negative vote is required to decline a candidate.  Please e-mail comments and/or votes to webmaster@whitmanpets.org.  You must be a current WCHS member (http://whitmanpets.org/join) for your vote to count.  Thank you!

Kelly Sebold is a Pullman native and WSU
graduate who works
at Pullman Regional Hospital as a speech language pathologist.  She enjoys giving back to
the community and currently
serves on the WCHS board as Secretary.
In addition, Kelly has written and won
several grants
for the organization and currently leads
the Fundraising and Communication Committee.
Kelly is seeking re-election for another 3 year term.


Dr. Leticia Fanucchi, DVM, PhD is a
veterinarian specializing in
animal behavior. She also advises the Shelter Training
Program and has actively worked with and trained WCHS dogs
for the last 6 years.
She trained in behavior at the ASPCA headquarters in New York
and with a board
certified veterinary behaviorist in Florida before coming to
Pullman. Leticia
has assisted over the years as a member of the board and also
led the Parade of
Pets during the annual Furball fundraisers. Leticia is seeking
re-election for another 3 year term.


Kylene Daschofsky will be starting the
DVM program at WSU in
the fall with a focus in shelter medicine. She has over six
years of experience
both working and volunteering for non-profit, no-kill animal
shelters (WCHS
included). Her roles within shelter operations have allowed
her to work within
every aspect of running a shelter and she will bring that
insight into the
board with
innovative ideas to improve WCHS. Sheltering is her passion
and she would love
to show her commitment through serving as a board member for
WCHS for her first
3 year term.

Posted: 6/2/2017

No July Meeting; August Meeting 8/5, 6 PM

When: 8/5

WCHS' Board of Directors have the month of July off.  :-)  We would love to see anyone interested at the August meeting, which is a welcome/goodbye BBQ, Saturday, 8/5 at 6 PM.  For address and directions, please contact Becky Bitter at beckyjbitter@yahoo.com.

Posted: 7/9/2017

Pooch Park Users: Smile, You're On Candid Camera

Warm and fuzzy reminder:  Pooch Park at Pullman access is on a membership-only basis to provide a safe environment for dogs and their owners as well as to pay for maintenance and upkeep.  We want users to enjoy the park, but not at the expense of other users. Activities like the fence-jumping pictured below are inappropriate and will be referred to Pullman Police.  Thank you for your understanding!

Posted: 5/15/2017

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