Whitman County Humane Society
Whitman County Humane Society Whitman County Humane Society

Hope Fund

Selection Guidelines

  1. Injured animals must have good temperaments.
  2. Hope Fund candidates must be evaluated by the designated Hope Fund veterinarian to determine potential for recovery, improved quality of life and/or adoptability. Animals with poor potential for improved quality of life or adoptability will not be considered for treatment.
  3. Primary emphasis of the Hope Fund is to provide orthopedic care for injury cases. Chronic and/or life-threatening illnesses or conditions, such as cancer or severe hip dysphasia, are not eligible for Hope Fund assistance.
  4. Hope Fund cases must be reviewed and approved by the Program administrator, three members of the WCHS board of directors, and the designated Hope Fund veterinarian, prior to acceptance.
  5. Injured Hope Fund animals from outside of Whitman County are to remain in foster care until adopted or transferred to other rescue agencies. Hope Fund animals from outside of Whitman County are not to reside at the WCHS shelter except for those cases where kennel space is available and the shelter manager determines that adoptability will improve with on-site residency. It is understood that Whitman County animals take precedent over Hope Fund animals from out of county.
Whitman County Humane Society
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